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Desalination of seawater using reverse osmosis technology is a recognized method that can provide high quality drinking water. Apply in cases where there is a shortage of drinking water from natural springs or wells, but while there where there is easy access to seawater.
The sea water, after undergoing the stage of pre-processing is driven by high-pressure pump (about 70 bar) to specific membranes, where is the separation of salt in a proportion of about 30 ~ 40% for output and 70 ~ 60% discharged. Then in the product water-treatment is necessary to make it fit for drinking in accordance with international standards.
The desalination plants are the most probationary solution to the problem of the lack and also the low quality of water in sailboats, fishing boats, cargo ships, yachts, hotels, bar, restaurants, industry, municipalities, etc.
Our company, having the know-how has developed a partnership with renowned foreign companies and installs seawater desalination plants.The successful outcome of such a facility due to proper planning of the unit, always taking into account local conditions and installation.
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