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High value of hardness in the water, due to excessive presence of calcium and magnesium, is cause of problems of scaling encrustations in boiler, heater exchanger and hydraulic circuits pipes. MiniDOS: unique, safe and convenient MiniDOS is probably the best solution on the market to protect a single equipment, such as boilers, heater exchangers, washing machines, household appliances in general. MiniDOS is a volumetric dosing pump for proportional dosing of AQUASIL 20/40 in drinkable water, an anti-scaling and anti-corrosive liquid solution, as 18% of P2O5
Which characteristics make MiniDOS unique? 
- MiniDOS does not require power supply as it is driven by hydrodynamic motion. 
- MiniDOS doses safely and proportionally. 
- MiniDOS assures a proportional and volumetric dosage in any working condition, dosing 3.5 ppm of P2O5 per liter,     keeping always potability of water. 
- MiniDOS is very user-friendly. 
Refill operation is very simply and clean, without liquid losses: tank has bayonet connection and it is isolated by the hydraulic part. The pump is protected against the hydraulic circuit counter-pressure by a non return valve.

MINIDOS is for liquid dosing only. The pumping is operated by a turbine which transmits the movement to a special cam and enables the liquid pumping from the tank into the water circuit b y means of the injection valve, which establishes the perfect mixing of ACQUASIL 20/40 into the water. The dosage starts with a minimum water flow of 90 liters/hour with injection frequency of 3.3 strokes per liter. MiniDOS is completely self priming. 

MiniDOS is suitable to protect the water boilers, water heater production, circuit with water in lose, household appliance from scaling and corrosion.

AcquaSIL 20/40 
MiniDOS doses exclusively AcquaSIL 20/40, a combined solution of different salts, at 18% of P2O5, It is suitable to be used in food products specifically for the treatment of drinking water used to prevent corrosion and fouling water with temporary hardness of between 5 and 30 °F. AcquaSIL 20/40 not only protects equipment and new hydraulic circuits but can also gradually restore circuits already encrusted and corroded. The properties stabilizers product AcquaSIL 20/40 are guaranteed until the maximum temperature of 65 °C. 
Operating data
Min-max pressure: 1,5 - 6 ATM
Max water temperature:   40 °C
Min line flow rate for correct dosing: 90 lt/h
Max line flow rate for correct dosing: 1000 lt/h
Dosing per Lt in P2O5:     3,3 - 3,5 ppm/lt 
Tank capacity:       230 cc
Load autonomy:       10 m3

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